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   documenting progress on our project to design and build our house in Suffolk in the far east of England.

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Here is the first design I did that got worked up into a vaguely final design in terms of overall shape and layout.  My guess is that this one will be superseded by options developed later.

The picture shows a pitched roof building with the aspect which faces North East (cold winds and the road) looking private and fairly traditional but with the SW aspect more open with double height windows. The “crinkle-crankle” wall shown connects to the separate annex and meanders through the middle of the main house (forming the dividing line between a double height living / dining area and the rest of the house which would be one-and-a-half stories. The garage/workshop is mainly hidden behind the wall and has openings closed by curved wooden doors, with horizontal beams designed to follow the lines of the courses of bricks.

050122 model from NW02

050122 model from E03

050122 model from S04

050122 model from N03

050122 model overhead03

Above are view of the outline model, in order from left to right:

  • from the West (looking at the gable wall which will have double height windows looking out over the sunset)
  • from the East, with a view of where the curved curved doors to the double garage would be
  • from the South, showing the flat-roofed annex and the cutaway to the side elevation of the building which is glazed to form a conservatory area as well as windows to the master bedroom above
  • from the North showing the alignment of the whole ensemble along the crinkle crankle wall.

The picture on the left shows the overhead plan.


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