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   The website of Ross Russell and Sally Morris:
   documenting progress on our project to design and build our house in Suffolk in the far east of England.

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Warning: this page is full of dense graphics and will take forever to download even with a fast connection!


ground floor03

Above is the ground floor plan as at November 2005 (as submitted for planning approval but for some internal changes).
The red section is the sliding outer cover, shown in this plan in the closed position.


first floor

And this one is the first floor layout.  The outer envelope (again shown in red) is shown here in the fully open position.


elevation NW03

elevation SE02

elevation SWNE

The drawings above are the elevations from the paddock side of the house (from NW); then from the other side (SE) and then along the axis of the house (SW and NE).

For the main drawings the top one of each is the house in the closed position and bottom one is in the open position. 
Not shown here are the more extreme positions. One of these has the outer envelope pushed right over the annex building leaving an open terrace to the main house.
Another has the outer envelope extended in the other direction (over the terrace area) to provide maximum shade to the terrace and the living space.



These are the sections through the main buildings.
The layout of some rooms has changed since this was drawn, but the overall layout is similar.


site plan

And finally this is the way the scheme sits on the plot.
There may be some fine tuning to ensure that I donít lose some of the trees which are pretty close to the buildings.



mainly open02

fully open

Here is the model of the buildings showing the three positions of the roof.


outer envelope 2

Since it is not otherwise obvious from the pictures, here is the overall shape of the outer envelope. 
This structure is 16 metres long and 7.5 metres high.


overview closed  2

And this is the overall scheme including the space for the swimming pool. 
Half of that terrace is an extension of the concrete floor slab on which the house is built and half is just landscaping i.e. no foundations needed). 



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